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Todd Falcone’s Network Marketing Mastery Event – Los Angeles

The Network Marketing Mastery Event™

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This information packed 3-day seminar is ideal for individuals committed to going through a rapid transformational process from understanding the fundamentals of Network Marketing and Direct Sales toward becoming a Master of the trade.

Todd Falcone’s unique experience spans over 21 years in the field of networking.

He created this new seminar series as a means of helping people get on the FAST TRACK to success in their home-based businesses.

Get ready to discover and learn some incredibly powerful and useful techniques in this unique LIVE event.

Here’s some of what you will learn during the Network Marketing Mastery™ Event:

  • The History of MLM and Direct Selling
  • MLM and Direct Sales Terminology
  • Regulatory and Contributing Bodies Review (i.e. DSA, FTC, FDA, Attorney Generals)
  • Pyramid and Ponzi Scheme Breakdown
  • Understanding the differences between MLM and Direct Sales
  • Getting Clear with How you are Paid
  • Breaking Free of Dream Stealers
  • How to Manage yourself IN Time
  • Creating a Plan of Action to Fit your Personal Needs
  • How to Pick the RIGHT company for YOU
  • Creating a 90-Day Action Plan
  • Goal Setting and Strategic Visioning
  • Creating and Office that is Conducive to Production
  • Basic Tax Issues
  • Understand the real role of Personal Responsibility
  • Understanding the difference between being Productive and Active
  • Prospecting versus Sorting and Selling
  • What to Say and What NEVER to say to a Prospect
  • Easy Rapport Building Techniques
  • Understanding and Working with Different Personality Types
  • How to Use your Company’s Tools to Maximize your Effectiveness
  • How to Conduct One-on-One Presentations, Group Meetings and Telephone Prospecting
  • How to Acquire and Up-Sell Customers
  • Basic Internet Marketing Techniques
  • Understanding How to Leverage yourself to Make More and Work Less
  • Mastering the 3-Way Call
  • How to Leave a Message that Gets a Call Back
  • Critical Keys to Produce Better Results on Follow-ups
  • The CLOSE Demystified
  • How to Overcome ANY Objection at Any Time
  • Understanding the Difference Between Recruiting and Sponsoring
  • Leadership 101: What you MUST Know to be a Real Leader
  • Mastering your Mindset
  • Developing a Consistently Positive Attitude
  • Getting FEAR out of the Way
  • How to STAY Motivated ALL the Time
  • Energizing your Center of Influence
  • What is Massive Action and How Do you Maintain it
  • Modeling the Masters
  • An Easy Method to Get more Referrals
  • How to Talent Scout
  • Creating a Never Ending Supply of Prospects
  • Social Media Strategies for Network Marketers
  • How to Write Killer Copy
  • Blogging for Network Marketers
  • Social Media and Web 2.0 Strategies
  • Old School AND New School Marketing Techniques

…and a TON more!

Special Guest Speakers, including:

Casey Eberhart: A former traditional business owner, now turned network marketer, who is an expert in Alternative Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing.

SECRET SPECIAL GUEST Leadership Panel: Join us Saturday night for a no-holds-barred open Q and A session with some very special guest network marketing leaders.

This training is literally the A-Z of Network Marketing. Whether you are brand new or a seasoned veteran, Todd lays it all on the line to ensure you have a broad and clear understanding of the fundamentals, strategies and principles that lead to SUCCESS.

Network Marketing Mastery™ is an event designed specifically for those who have a strong desire and commitment to produce predictable results in their Network Marketing or Direct Sales business, while at the same time having and overall understanding of what this profession is all about.

Full Event Price $497

Register Right Now and Get

Three Full Days for Only $97

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Register Early and make your plans to be at this event before it closes out.

What People Like You are Saying About this Event!

If you missed the event that took place in Seattle this past June…don’t miss this one.  Here’s just some of what people had to say who attended:

“I now have the tools and the belief in myself to succeed in
network marketing and have a great time doing it.”
– Olivia Hamilton-Montgomery

“This event over-delivered in every way!  It was incredibly content
rich and Todd absolutely rocks!  He keeps it fun, yet absolutely
informative.”  – Barry and Kim Brooke

“What a blessing to meet such a humorous, genuinely caring and
most of all honest and ‘real’ person.  The information was
priceless.” – Adrienne Karls

“Before attending Todd’s seminar I was unsure of exactly what
to do to build a huge network marketing team.  I lacked the
confidence I needed to move forward.  Since attending this
seminar, I have absolute confidence in my abilities and the best
part is…the possibilities are limitless.” – Jackie Archenbron

“Prior to attending Todd Falcone’s Network Marketing Mastery
Event, I lacked direction, self-confidence, and the skills to
be effective in my business.  Todd shared a ton of information
with humor and professionalism.  Now I know what to do, how to
do it, and I have the confidence to succeed.” – Dee Sunday

“Todd is electrifying, explosive and understandable in person
and in his recordings.  Not only motivational…he gets you fired
up- with the best part simplifying each step to reach your goals,
dreams and succeed.” – Rich Grannis

“Prior to attending Todd’s seminar I was at a plateau in my
business and really struggling with what direction to go.  Since
plugging into Todd’s trainings and seminar I feel as though I can
go home and take my business to the next level.  And, the best
part is I know I will be a better leader for my team by duplicating
exactly what Todd teaches.” – Crissy Wallinga

“Prior to your event I had no idea how to find new prospects, let
alone quality ones.  Now my business is full of professionals and
the best part is that my business is growing without having to touch
every single person.” – Jaimie Werner

“This is a must do event for anyone who wants to be successful in
network marketing or any other business for that matter!”
– Novelett Carter

“The event was fantastic!  Real information and strategies you can
implement now to start generating results.” – Alan Underkofler

“Prior to attending Todd’s seminar, I felt like I was dragging my
feet and wasting my time.  Since attending, I have a refreshed and
exciting attitude toward building my business.  The best part is I
now have the confidence and the fire in my belly to continue doing
what I love!  Thank you!” – Kristina Joachim

“Todd’s training will put money in your pocket!  I joined the
network marketing industry 15 months ago after a 20 year corporate
career in financial services.  I plugged into Todd’s training at
the beginning of month three and by the end of that month I
generated $21,000 in sales.  Todd shows you how to get it done!”
– Kim Beckley

“As a professional speaker, trainer and workshop leader with over
3500 presentations under my belt, I have heard or done it all.
I have never met or heard anyone more competent, knowledgeable or
motivating than Todd Falcone.  Todd is #1.  I am achieving
unbelievable results directly attributable to Todd’s advice,
counsel and influence.” – Patrick Cunningham

November 19-21, 2010

Friday November 19th from 9am to 5pm

Saturday November 20th from 9am to 6pm

Sunday November 21st from 9am to 12noon

Westin Los Angeles Airport

5400 Century Blvd.

Los Angeles, CA  90045

Register Right Now and Get

Three Full Days for Only $97 + a Guest Free

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