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25 things YOUR clients want from YOU!

Posted on November 6, 2012 in Podcasts | Comments Off on 25 things YOUR clients want from YOU!

25 things YOUR clients want from YOU!

How do you talk to your prospects OR clients?? DO you really know what they want? DO you really know how they want you act? Do you really know anything about how to listen to them? Do you know how they REALLY want to be treated??

In this episode, I talked about the client and how they WANT you to treat them!! Sometimes we need some simple reminders on how to treat a client or prospect, so in this call we did!! I went through 25 different things clients have to say about how THEY want to be treated.

Here are just a couple of examples:

1. Give us the FACTS! ~~ We do not need a really long drawn out story that leads to nowhere. After we know each other a bit, please just get to the point!
2. Take an AUTHENTIC interest in what I do! I am really into it and if you want to sell me anything recognize that it means EVERYTHING to me!!
3. Do NOT confuse me! The more complicated you make this thing the less likely I am going to buy it from you!!

And 22 more can be heard in the recording!

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