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John Ritter and Note Taking at its Finest!

Posted on September 11, 2012 in Podcasts | Comments Off on John Ritter and Note Taking at its Finest!

John Ritter and Note Taking at its Finest!

Do you remember John Ritter of Three’s Company fame? Well, when I was in college late one night I saw John pitching a “new” “revolutionary” all over late night television that promised a new way of studying that would all but guarantee you got better grades. If you are older than 35 you might remember these commercials for “Where there’s a will there’s an A. So late one Saturday night after a long night at the local pub I bought the program to help me get better grades. It WORKED! I went from an average student to getting almost straight A’s!!

It was basically a way to take notes to ensure that when the test came, you would remember the info. This same system of taking notes is the exact same way I take notes today!

That late night purchase has helped me take notes at meetings, seminars, and even to organize and help me remember key important points. In this episode, I went over the way I take notes to remember what needs to be done in my business!

This may seem a bit silly, but how many times have you gone to a business seminar and forgot everything you thought at the time was brilliant? This Double Your Check Club Podcast is amazing!

You will walk away with: *A new way of taking notes *A way to remember WAY more than you are used to *How to organize your notes for maximum results!

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