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Mary Lou Schroeder

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Mary Lou Schroeder

Memories in Bits and Pieces

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My name is Mary Lou Schroeder and I own a professional photo scanning business. I am also an instructor in scrapbooking. I teach both traditional scrapbooking and online digital scrapbooking. I am here to inspire that crafting spirit inside of you. It is my pleasure to begin working with you and having you experience the magic of sharing your stories and photos through online digital scrapbooking.I have always loved researching my heritage, photography, scrapbooking and teaching. Now I am able to do it all! Join me on this fun journey through the world of paper, embellishments, journaling, Cricut machines, and Heritage Makers online digital scrapbooking.

Memories in Bits and Pieces uses Heritage Makers, which is an online digital storybooking website that helps you get your pictures off of your computer and into completed projects! It is fast and easy, and unlike traditional scrapbooking, there is no mess.
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