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Andrew Smith

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Andrew Smith


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Qivana has four attributes that inspired me to do full due diligence on the Company, and subsequently become fully involved as a Qivana IBO.First, the Executive Team is unlike any I had seen before. Derek Hall, CEO, rose to the very top of McKesson Pharmaceuticals over a 20+ year career there. This is the largest pharmaceutical company on Earth. He moved to run Botanicals and then Univera, the largest natural products manufacturer and one of the largest distributors. The four others on the Team have been part of the growth of some of the largest network marketed Companies of all time in Xango, Noni and NuSkin.The second attribute leads on from this – the culture. Qivana has an extremely high bar of integrity, ethics and efficacy. Indeed Derek Hall is the President of the Natural Products Association – a body consulted by the FDA to raise industry standards.Third, this culture has brought about Doctor developed product systems that are “organizing” health and wellness, that have true double-blind studies and clinical trials and that are patented and/or proprietary.

The science-driven products have attracted a host of Olympians, other athletes and very high level individuals, none of whom receive anything by way of endorsement. Instead, they have paid to participate in Qivana.

Finally, the timing. Three years old and at about $3.5 million/month in sales. With momentum recognized to begin at $5million/month, it is plainly an excellent time to get involved with a Company with so many ducks in a row.

Health, wellness and nutrition is not for everyone, nor are young companies with their heavy growth ahead of them. I would appreciate any referrals for individuals who enjoy the industry and the potential of high return growth from a younger company, rather than the security and slower, but stable growth of a mature company.

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