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What Happens in Vegas… Gets REVEALED!

Posted on July 10, 2012 in Podcasts | Comments Off on What Happens in Vegas… Gets REVEALED!

What Happens in Vegas… Gets REVEALED!

what happens in vegas revealed 300x239 What Happens in Vegas... Gets REVEALED!I had a once in a lifetime event that happened to me right before this podcast. At the last minute, I was invited to something and said, YES, then figured out the rest as I went along.

In this podcast, I was in the middle of this once-in-a-lifetime moments thanks to top trainer for Rich Dad, Robert Kiyosaki. He invited me to b a “fly on the wall” during his TOP training class!!  I said yes and flew out here with only 24 hours notice and you will be glad I did!!

I reviewed my notes, to share with you the most amazing stuff I have ever learned about marketing and social media! Some of the things I talked about were:

  • A site to check the reading level of your emails as well as it’s Me Vs. Them ratio
  • 6 Best Marketing message tips
  • The one thing you must NEVER leave off of your emails/videos/social media posts
  • Why backing up the VALUE truck will always beat your competition!
  • Why it is a MUST to be interesting!
  • 20 Marketing vehicles
  • How to create the most powerful power team

I hope you enjoy!

If this podcast was helpful to you in ANY way, big or small, let me know on my Facebook Fanpage!

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