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Special Guest: Ginny Dye

Posted on July 17, 2012 in Podcasts | Comments Off on Special Guest: Ginny Dye

Special Guest: Ginny Dye

ginny dye Special Guest: Ginny DyeThis Double Your Check Call Podcast is going to create a HUGE transformation for you and your business! You will meet a close friend of mine, Ginny Dye. She i the Founder, of The Ultimate Life Company, an online personal development company. Ginny is someone you deserve to have in your life. We discussed personal development educational strategies that can be attained without leaving the comfort of your office with a hot cup of coffee! I believe so strongly in this message.

This podcast was educational and lots of fun (Ginny is hilarious!).

Reasons to listen:

  • The Ultimate Life Company is “Best in Breed” for personal development
  • You will have a unique experience
  • You will leave the call totally energized beyond belief
  • You will see things from a new perspective
  • You will hear some great stories
  • Your CHECK will be literally sending you a Thank You note!
  • and so much more!
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