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I wanted to thank you for another great call

Posted on July 19, 2012 in Testimonials | Comments Off on I wanted to thank you for another great call

Hi Casey,

I wanted to thank you for another great call and letting me promote Univera’s business presentation. I was a little apprehensive because no one else jumped at your golden opportunity to promote and I almost didn’t go through with it thinking I may have misunderstood. I sent an e-mail to you from the Idealnetworker site , not sure if it got to you.

Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I first heard you as a guest speaker on Falcone’s call bout 6 weeks ago and have been hooked on your calls ever since. You have helped me so much in different ways but I think my favorite is your idea of personal branding. You gave your own example of wearing your trademark ‘Chucks’ and I have since embraced being in business with my dreadlocks (was on the verge of chopping!). If you have the time, I got a few more ways that you’ve inspired me. Your calm youthful edge definitely speaks to me, I often use your exact words and sound completely professional and not canned like some Wall St. wannabe. I appreciate that you give these ‘generic’ calls that truly help people in MLM from all sorts of companies, a brilliant idea and just plain nice of you. I totally feel you on ‘If I can get this product from someone else in MLM then I will because I support the industry’ a great choice of words that builds community and solid belief in our industry. The way you answered the question of how to promote to friends + family without turning them off was another simple and logical way that I had never heard before (ie.Hi aunt Lulu just wanted you to know that I opened up for biz with X company and if you hear about it from anyone, would you let me show it to you first?).

I can’t wait to get my hands on ‘147 ways’ (to start with) and to hear you live next time your in town. New members to my team are urged to listen to your calls as well as past recordings. Thanks again for your help and making your knowledge accessible.

Marcos Pe√Īa

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