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Edward Tomilloso

Posted on June 10, 2011 in Casey's Success Spotlight | Comments Off on Edward Tomilloso

Edward Tomilloso

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First I wanted to thank Casey. Before Casey’s personal coaching and strategies through his 147 ways to generate leads series, I was in a serious funk of sponsoring an average of one distributor per month. Since I have been applying some of the strategies and the accountability that he’s pushed me to reach I have been sponsoring a steady three distributors in my primary business per month not to mention a few retail customers!I have definitely adopted the Idea that we are all one community of entrepreneurs and that anything that we can do to help one another to further our profession, is a GREAT thing for us all and the world as a whole! That Is why I created

This has been a place where I have been able to express valuable tips, strategies, and philosophies that I have picked up on this journey of being an entrepreneur. Anything that I have felt is relevant to growing your self, your network, and your business, I have posted on this blog. Thanks for reading my Success Spotlight profile! :)))

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