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Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

Posted on June 7, 2011 in Networking Nuggets, Networking Tips | 1 comment

Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

 Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart<<Networking Nugget>> Today we will be talking JAIL!  If you were picked up and taken to jail, who in your cell phone would you call if you were given 3 calls?  Your nugget for the day is to call each one and just let them know that they are your “bail your ass out of jail” person. Two things will happen, you will find out if they are up for the challenge AND you will have a good chuckle.

I actually love this Nugget!  This is such a fun one to do, I had a fun time today giving my 3 a call.  The results were great and I found myself catching up with an old friend about his family.  If you take me up on this Nugget trust me when I tell you this will at the very least get you into several great conversations.  If you want to take it to the next level then call your “Jail” friends that are in other parts of the country.  I actually called a friend up in Seattle just to let him know if I was caught in a bad situation up in the Pacific Northwest, that he would be it!!  I would love to hear about you results with this Nugget.

Give your close friends an AWESOME day!!


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  1. This is awesome :]

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