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Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

Posted on June 2, 2011 in Networking Nuggets, Networking Tips | 1 comment

Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

 Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart<<Networking Nugget>> Today, very easy and can have some big effects. While you are out and about today, your nugget is to reach your hand out and meet one new person. It will count when there is a handshake and you know their first name. This gets us out in the world and looking for opportunities to meet new people.

This is one of those things that once you get in the habit of doing, it almost becomes second nature.  I was having lunch with a friend a few days ago and as we were walking to our cars she told me that I had created an opening for her business.  I was like, “huh”. She went on to explain that since we had walked into the restaurant she had noticed that I had introduced myself to the Hostess, the Chef, the Server as well as one of the patrons that ended up needing a bit of help keeping the door opened.  I did not even notice because it is a habit for me to introduce myself to as many people as possible. Now, the funny thing, I did not talk about my business at all at luck with any of the people I had just met only because the subject never came up, but I eat there a few times a month and now when I go in, I will be able to start a conversation with my new “friends”. I hope you will get in the habit of extending your hand to someone new everyday.  If you get something out of this Nugget, would you please share it using the Facebook button in the upper right corner?  Also, if you would like a little FREE publicity you can head over to my “Success Spotlight” and add yourself to the community on my website.  I would be honored to have you there.  Visit the Spotlight by heading over to

Give someone an AWESOME day!!

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1 Comment

  1. I do this a lot but I am definitely going to get into the habit of doing it EVERYWHERE I go. I did this at my local Panera Bread with their manager, and he gave me a free hot chocolate one day just because he knew me and he had made an extra one!

    Thanks for this post, Casey :)

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