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Casey Eberhart with today's Networking Nugget~~ Ask 3.

Posted on June 9, 2011 in Networking Nuggets | 2 comments

Casey Eberhart with today's Networking Nugget~~ Ask 3.

 Casey Eberhart with today's Networking Nugget~~ Ask 3.<<Networking Nugget>> Today could be a bit scary.  Your nugget today is to ask 3 clients what the best part has been in working with your company.  This may give you some insights into what your reputation is in the marketplace.  Just jot them down. Now you need to somehow thank them for taking the time to share their experience with you.

Even though this may seem a bit on the scary side, you will get a great idea of how you are perceived in the marketplace as well as y o uneven know what kind of conversations they will lead to.  Let me give you a great example. I did this exact thing yesterday and while I was on the phone one of the clients asked if I had an extra copy of a cd series that she already owned.  I of course said “YES!” and she bought it for full price!  I love that!!  So, just staying in touch with current clients and customers can result in more sales!  We all love more sales!!

Give 3 of your clients an AWESOME day by calling them!!

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  1. Great piece of advice Casey. No matter how bad people want to avoid calling prospects or clients, we get to a point where we just trascend our fear and discover the joy of making friends, not just partners. Wealth is on the relationships we make along the way. Keep on rockin’!
    Luis Toro
    “Live In The NOW”

  2. Thank you, Casey, for your continued positive networking. I met you over one year ago, and I have always held you as pleasant and helpful;your work displays integrity and fine character. It has been helpful and inspiring to me. Thank you.

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