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Jason Reagan

Posted on May 31, 2011 in Casey's Success Spotlight | Comments Off on Jason Reagan

Jason Reagan


Hi I’m Jason. I’m young, hungry and passionate about what I do. I love helping people in a variety of ways. I’m greedy for the feeling of appreciation I get when I help someone out.

One way I do this is by partnering with ACN, the largest telecom direct sales company. I offer value on phone service, wireless, TV, and home videophone service as well which is booming.

Another way I help out is with my blog page. I write articles that help people in their daily lives, as well as offer to the public my handwritten book summaries of the great books I read. It’s constantly growing. I’m also building a page of video interviews of several professionals for additional content to use in your life.

I love connecting with new people. Do not be shy to email me.

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