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Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

Posted on May 13, 2011 in Networking Tips | Comments Off on Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart

 Networking Nugget by Casey Eberhart Call your top prospect or potential client and ask them who is their dream referral. Your job today is to see if you can connect them expecting nothing in return. Ask if anyone in  your social network might know this person.

One of the things that can and will make you an Ideal Networker is that you are seen as someone who is constantly looking for ways to add value and content into your existing and potential network.  One of the absolute easiest ways to bring value to someone is to help connect them with some one or thing they desire.  With the ease of social media now-a-days it is easier than ever to connect people.  Usually when I meet someone I am asking tons of questions about who would make a good client or prospect for them.  Once I find out, I aim to prove my value to them BEFORE ever asking them for a sale or time to show them what I do. The easiest way I have found is to simply go to my Facebook page or my LinkedIn Page and see if I or anyone I know is connected to the person.  If I can find the person I am looking for I simply call and introduce myself and explain the situation.  The best part is now I am connecting without the person even before I make the introduction.  I might even ask that person who would make their dream referral……. You never know who you know or who they know.  Always add value to your network.

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