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Kaneko Ikeda has the right idea about smiling!

Posted on May 14, 2011 in Quotes with Business Action Items | 1 comment

Kaneko Ikeda has the right idea about smiling!

monkey smile 216x300 Kaneko Ikeda has the right idea about smiling!Here’s your “QuoteAction” of the day:

“I smile as a cause not as an effect”
Author, Kaneko Ikeda

Your action for today is to make an effort to remember to smile as you go through your day.

Have an extraordinary day!

Give someone an AWESOME day!!

This is such good advice!  One thing that totally helped me stay inside a positive state throughout the day before it became a habit was to carry a simple green rock in my pocket that simply says “Smile”. I know it is really high tech but seriously, if you are going to be out in the world drumming up business, people would much rather deal with someone in a positive up beat mood. I also always try to smile as I am dialing a person on the phone event though they can’t see me with their eyes, my mood comes through on the phone and is usually met with a like mood on the other end of the phone.  Smile Smile Smile!

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1 Comment

  1. So true. This reminds of me of “The Secret” and it’s also chapter 2 in “how to win friends and influence people” After all, no one wants to hang around a grump. What an easy way to win more business.

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