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Does Your Office Need A Spring Cleaning?

Posted on April 11, 2011 in Marketing Strategies | 7 comments

Does Your Office Need A Spring Cleaning?

spring cleaning 6 300x225 Does Your Office Need A Spring Cleaning? Hey Gang~~  I was just sitting here asking myself if there was anything that I changed in my business this month to explain the massive growth when it hit me like a dust mop!  I did a business spring cleaning!!  Does your business need a change up?  A spring cleaning?  Maybe just a change up?  Here are just a few things that might help you to get on the right track since we are coming into spring and we are always talking about spring cleaning our homes but what about our businesses?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Get rid of some extra stuff!  The Gurus that talk about energy always say that if you remove some extra clutter around the office it increases the energy flow.  I just threw out 3 cans full of papers and excess clutter and it definitely changed the energy in my office.
  • Move furniture! Sometimes just a little change can have a huge difference.  I have been needing to shift my desk by a few inches for a while now and just was being lazy.  I moved it a few inches and now I have even better access.  I did an office remodel and I must say it feels new and fresh.
  • Change the art!  This seems a bit silly but I kept the same art on the walls but re arranged it all and I must say again the energy is very new and clean.

Every once in a while you should shake things up a bit just to make sure the energy flow shifts.  I even moved the phone to the other side of the desk and moved all my pens from the old holder to a new one and all the tiny changes have added up to one big change.  The energy in this office is totally new and exciting!  I gotta get back to work……oh and Give Someone An AWESOME day!

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  1. Great ideas, Casey!

    I always enjoy reading your take on how to be better/smarter/faster!

    You have an awesome day, my friend!

    • Thanks Thomas! I am honored to know you!

  2. Ha ha, funny, I just left a comment on your post from today about being right or taking responsibility… remember that piece of paper with your name on it?

    I found it because I am doing exactly what you say here. I’m spring cleaning and wow, does it feel good. You should see my recycling bin. The shredders just about ready to pack it in too!

    I have just framed an email from a good friend who passed away in January. It’s about making 2011 my best year yet. I’m hanging onto it obviously for sentimental reasons, but instead of burying it, I have hung it up, framed with his picture to brighten my office every time I look up at it!

    This is quite funny, two posts right up my alley!

    I will have to pop by more often to make sure I’m on the right track!

    Have an awesome day!


    • Taking something so difficult as losing a friend and turning it around to something positive is just awesome! Thank you for sharing Jayne.

  3. I did some “spring” rearranging” and cleaning. I have been cleaning out and storing some of my clutter since having to make my office into a bedroom for my oldest son. I also added an assistant who works from her home making my phone calls, setting appointments. That resulted in recruiting over 15 people this past month. I would say that was positive change. I was in a funk, and now I am rocking and rolling! Thanks Casey!

  4. Barbs~~ You GET it! Leverage Baby Leverage!! You will be in a new car very shortly!! Thank you for your insights and congrats on many many victories!!

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