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A great tool…Google Alerts!

Posted on March 9, 2011 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 2 comments

A great tool…Google Alerts!
google alerts spy 153x300 A great tool...Google Alerts!

Google Alerts are AWESOME!

Howdy Gang~~  I am so excited to bring you my very first “guest” post from a trusted advisor.  Christina Littrell~Williams is one of the coolest and brightest people I know.  She is the Founder of and runs my entire office.  I asked her is she would give you all a few tips to help take y our business to the next level, and the first one she sent over was this very important tip.  This was the first thing she had me set up when we started working together and it has helped me in so many ways.  Enjoy the tip and PLEASE visit her blog or share this post to your Facebook page.  Give someone an AWESOME day!!

Here you go~~

Google Alerts is a program I HIGHLY RECOMMEND… you can get it by creating a “google account” and if you have one or use Gmail then you already have access.

What are “Google Alerts”? It is a program that allows you to set up key words, names, websites that you would like to track any “online activity” about them.  You can distinguish that you want any updates, updates on video, updates on news, updates on a webpage, or updates in a group all relating to your key terms.  You choose to have the information updated to you weekly or daily or as it happens. You can also choose how the updates get delivered to you – via email (plain text or html) or rss feed.

Some suggestions on how to use Google Alerts:

  • Track You! – you should always have google alerts for your name your & your company name.  This will set up an alert to you for when people refer to you somewhere on the internet – very important because you might miss good statements you can thank peeps for or miss bad things.
  • Track Your Competitors – how about knowing what your competition is doing?  Have it delivered to your inbox and don’t waste time searching.
  • Track Your Keywords – keep an eye out on key terms that deal with your business so you can stay up on the latest and greatest.
  • Track Your Material – if you have a website or blog you want to protect your content – pick out key phrases from your website or blog and set up an alert – it will let you know if someone else steals your content.

Please feel free to visit our website at  If you have any questions and would like to call please do 818-564-7601.


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  1. great info..thanks!
    Casey, you came up to talk to Judith at the event but then in a flash you were gone so a delayed HI!


    • Sally~ Let’s connect, I didn’t want to interrupt you two. You were deep in conversation! 😉

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