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The Double Your Check Club wants YOU!

Posted on December 14, 2010 in Networking Tips | 2 comments

Hey Gang~~ I just wanted to take a moment and talk to you a bit about something you can do today to increase your business. I started a meetup group called The Double Your Check Club about 24 months ago to help Networkers and Direct Sellers in their business. Well, as we enter 2011 I am really excited about moving forward. You see, in 2011 we will be broadcasting every meeting live over the net and adding new features to the group every month. If you would like to join the meet up all you have to do is CLICK HERE. Every month we bring in a Speaker, Trainer or Guru (I love that Guru is the newest buzz word) to help everyone increase their business. We have had Jeffery Combs, Todd Falcone, Brian Cook, Kay Wallace, Denny Faircloth and list goes on and on and on!! The group gives us a chance to see new products, new technologies and even just network with people making some great checks! Here is a short welcome video:

I hope you will join the group as we move forward into the new year there will be some VERY exciting things happening to the group! If you are NOT in Los Angeles, that is O.K. because we are a community and the support in the group is just awesome! Also, since we are going to be streaming all of the events live you will get tons of free value and content to assist you developing the skills to build a check in your business. If for some silly reason you did NOT join the group with the last link here it is again. CLICK HERE!

I will add a video below so you can get an idea of how the meetup set up looks in case you are doing events in your area. If you should have any questions about creating a meetup or might be interested in being a guest or even a speaker at one of our meetups, please get in contact with me.

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Have an AMAZING day and now go give someone else an AWESOME day!!

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  1. Hey Casey! Great group call on Tuesday night. Don’t believe all the hype about Minnesota being cold in December, it all perception. Look forward to raising awareness of the weekly calls here in this part of the US and bringing the MeetUp here soon. Keep doing what you do. People appreciate it.

  2. Awesome idea! Thanks for sharing when I met you down in Dallas. I hope to get one started here in Texas soon!

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