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jeanpocket2 BET'CHA A BUCK! There you are, standing in the middle of a hotel meeting room, surrounded by potential prospects for your business, and you’re doing nothing. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there more times that we’d like to admit. I confess that there have been times that I was more a part of the room’s décor than I was a part of the group of marketers. But you know, all you need is just a little nudge to get you mingling and I’ve discovered a simple yet very effective way to get myself motivated.

Before I attend any gathering where I hope to meet people I put five silver dollars in my left pocket. Then, I make a promise to myself to meet at least five people in the room. My reward for this? Every time I speak with a prospect I move one silver dollar from my left pocket to my right. I do not leave the event until all five silver dollars are in my right pocket.

Yeah, I know…sounds pretty silly. I mean, the reward is moving the dollars you already own from one pocket to the next. Yet my friends, it works. If you’re serious about meeting people then this method keeps you from the old thought process of, “Oh well, I’ve met two people. That’s enough for today.”

Five. Five people. Five prospects. Five opportunities to grow your business. You’re the boss and you make the rules. Get tough with your company. That means get tough with yourself and be the network marketer you’d want to hire to work for you.

Have an AWESOME day!!

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  1. Great suggestion, Casey. When you stick those 5 silver dollars in your left pocket with the intention of getting them to the right, You’re setting a goal for subconscious to achieve. As soon as goal is set your mind goes to work creating a means by which to achieve it. Use the same trick for chicken-list calls and those other challenging tasks.

    • Thanks Bill~~ This is such an easy way to get started forming a habit. You must do it over and over and over again.

  2. Casey again great idea. Using something tangible is a feel thing. Sometimes if we just say okay I am going in there with these intentions, we can get lazy about it. Playing games always makes it more fun and a little more challenging…

  3. The dusty duel of procrastination verses the bad habit killer. This is a great tool to bring the problem right up front and face it one on one. Your silver dollars are the deadly rounds ready to take on the aggressor.

    I have recovered from many approach and avoid situations. It’s interesting what our minds do to keep us in “fear”. Of course we have learned that this is something that is taught over the years from many past situations. Amazing eye opening stuff.

    Great topic Casey.

  4. This is something I’ve heard over and over again…. but if you don’t DO IT, then it’s like you’ve never heard it. So just do it and post your winnings!. Thanks.

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