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Got a blog? Here are some ideas!

Posted on October 24, 2010 in Networking Tips | 11 comments

Some Ideas for Blogging~~~

Entrepreneurs are always full of great ideas that they can turn into business ventures. Just like the entrepreneurs, bloggers should also have fresh ideas for their blogs to keep their readers and subscribers posted and interested at all times. If your blogs are not interesting and are always dull, you will soon lose your readers. In this article, you can find some good ideas for blogging.

Many people find blogging as a fun activity. Through the blogs you post, you can nourish your hobby. Now, there are those who create blogs for serious reasons like making money. There are hundreds of income-generating opportunities that you can find online and paid blogging is one of them.

However, if you want to make a living out of blogging, you have to be dedicated and hard working. There will come a time when you’re not in the mood to write blogs but you must overcome this and post your blogs regularly, no matter what. You must be able to maintain your rhythm so that you can produce the needed weekly posts. You must know how to organize and you must also have self discipline.

As a blogger, you need to arrange everything. You must schedule all your tasks so that you can do them accordingly. Your posts should also have a fixed time. Have a different schedule for reading other blogs and posting comments, and most especially, you have to research for new blog ideas.

Any new idea may come up even when you least expect it. So it would be best to always have a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. Jot all the ideas down so you won’t forget them. By taking notes, you can meet all your writing schedules on time.

If you’re a wide reader, then you will know the recent things that are happening in the world. One of the best blog ideas is to tackle a major issue of society. By reading newspapers, magazines, and other reading materials, you will be kept informed of what’s happening in the different countries.

Aside from that, you can also write about your personal life. In fact, many bloggers simply want to share their personal experiences to the public and so they create blogs. Some individuals focus on their cherished household pets.

You see, blogs can be about anything. No one will be there to tell you whether you’re right or wrong. But an effective blog will usually attract more readers and subscribers.

You must be able to come up with new blog ideas every now and then. This will prevent monotony and you can keep your audience interested at all times. By conducting a research, you will know more about the blog ideas that other people like to read. You can check out all the ideas and choose the ones that you’re also interested in. Don’t write blogs that you’re not interested in because it will reflect in your blogs.

Exercise your mind. Always spend enough time to read and research so that new ideas will come popping into your mind. Never think of copying the ideas of other bloggers because your readers will lose their trust and confidence in you. You can always do reviews, post cool sites you find or even just let us (the reader) know what is on your mind.

Give someone an AWESOME blog post today!

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  1. You touched on a topic that summed up my whole week. Scheduling. A beast that must be taken head on. I just read a book today called Great about the internal resistece we face. All in-line with this past week you know. No that’s not an aff link. Look forward to reading your future work.

  2. Okay so the xhtml code did not go as planed..

  3. Great info on keeping a blog fresh!! Awesome!!

    • Thanks Stacy~~ I always appreciate feedback, I am glad you got something out of the post! Have an awesome day!!

  4. Great information my friend!! Thanks for being the leader we can all look up to…

    • Thanks Scotty~~ I am honored to know you . You keep on rockin’

  5. Great post it gave me some ideas for my blog as I am new to this and I am always trying to think of what can I write about or talk about next. Thanks Casey.

    • Thanks Kelly for your comments. I hope you will let me know when your blog is up and running so I can stay current on your goings on! Have an awesome day!

  6. This post made me feel bad :( and I know I need to treat my blog better. I even tried the mobile application so when the inspiration hits me I could blog on the go. Just another reason for me to get an iphone is suppose. But you are so correct about all of it Casey.

  7. Thanks for the inspiration Casey! I have been struggling with the ‘regular posting schedule’ part of blogging. I blog for enjoyment and when life gets in the way, it is hard to stay consistent. I’m sure it has to do more with finding confidence in my voice as a blogger rather than time management. LOL!

    Thanks again Casey!

    • Hey Tinamarie~~ Just get started, that was my main focus. I did not know at the time where I was going to go with blogging but it has been fun and profitable. I wish you all the luck, let me know how I can support you!

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