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Marion Mehrer

Posted on August 18, 2010 in Casey's Success Spotlight | Comments Off on Marion Mehrer

Marion Mehrer

Send Out Cards

Now that you’ve spent time, money & effort to acquire those clients you need a system to retain your clients. Customer retention & referral marketing is very important to your business.

Why Use Send Out Cards?
– Build relationships with your customers & clients
– Bond with your clients by sharing your personal experiences, provide education, make your clients laugh and more, through Send Out Cards.
-Set up automatic campaigns, & never forget another birthday or anniversary & use campaigns to automate other card sending activity.
-It will help you dominate your market
-It will differentiate you from people in your industry.

How Does Send Out Cards Work?
-Offers you a simple way to send printed greeting cards for as little as $1.
-Very inexpensive, efficient & creative way for you to retain your customers
-Create your own personalized cards with your pictures, your handwriting font & signature
-Add gifts & gift cards
-SOC prints the card, puts it in the envelope, applies postage & mails it for you.

Why Work With Me?
I’m passionate about the importance of a personal touch through personalized greeting cards sent in the mail. I want to help you grow your business & by building relationships & bonding with your clients, patients & customers!

I have extensive business experience & knowledge in the fields of appreciation marketing & sales. I’m very passionate about helping people grow their businesses through customer retention & referral marketing.

I have a desire for excellence in myself & in getting people to invest in themselves & helping those who desire an opportunity for an additional income stream to fulfill their hopes, dreams & passions!

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