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Either Be a Leader or Get Out of the Way!

Posted on August 19, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 6 comments

Either Be a Leader or Get Out of the Way!

Hey Gang!

You know, building a business in network marketing really boils down to one thing. Being a leader. I’ve known so many hard core sleazy salesman 150x150 Either Be a Leader or Get Out of the Way!sales people who get into our profession and hit the road running, signing up prospect after prospect and making a few bucks along the way. But that’s all they do. Once that new person has their start up kit and product, they are left hanging out there on their own. That’s why I prefer the term “relationship marketing.” Your job as a team leader really begins after you bring someone into your organization.

I’ve always found great value in learning from the real leaders of our industry. Heck, just being around them gives me a charge of enthusiasm for our profession that’s hard to get from a book or tape. And actually watching how they work is even more fascinating.

One of the top leaders in our field and one of my mentors and dear friends, John DeHart, puts it best when he simply says, “Monkey See, Monkey Do.” He’s right, you know. You can lecture, coach and write books and blogs all you want. But it’s what you DO that your team sees and copies. You want your team to commit to making at least five calls a day? Then you’d better be making at least five yourself. Think they won’t know if you do or don’t? Think again, my friend. They know. They always know.

leader 150x150 Either Be a Leader or Get Out of the Way!People look for leaders that can help them achieve what the leader has already achieved. If someone new to your business is looking to make, say, a couple of hundred bucks a month and that’s what you’re making, well, congratulations. However, if that new eager person is looking to quit their job and bring in a healthy six-figure income and you’re still at a couple of hundred a month…see the problem? Now, don’t think you have to one-up everyone in your organization. There are those blessed times when someone you brought in turns out to be a dynamo and leaps to the top of their game. But you do have to be in the running, out there doing the relationship building and setting a good example of how others can make their dreams come true.

I personally never give you advice that I haven’t already tried and found effective. As the head monkey in my own organization, it’s my duty and my privilege. You should think of yourself the same way. Would you want to be your sponsor? Would you follow your leadership? Would you get excited just to have a conversation with you?

If not, then it’s time for some changes.

Now go out there and give someone an AWESOME day!

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  1. How true! People confuse being in a leadership position or having downline people for being an actual leader. Such a difference.

    Lead by example.

  2. Laura~~ I agree with you 100%! Thanks for leaving a comment!!

  3. Casey. leadership is taking actions. Your post is so corect. I get so tired of “leaders” telling people what they need to do to make a check and they arent out practicing what they preach.
    Just do what needs to be done and others will follow.

    • Russell~~ Thanks for your post! I follow several people that don’t do everything they tell me to do and sometimes it even annoys me BUT I also try to take their info (IF I find it useful) and implement it even if they don’t. It always cracks me up when they do not use their own advice but I do and bank account shows it. My friend Eric Caparese has a great little saying that the “Speed of the Leader is the speed of the Pack.”

  4. Leadership…That’s good stuff Casey!! Keep the info coming my friend!! You’re definitely right on the money with that post!!


    • Scotty~~ Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I hope you have an AWESOME day!

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