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Hang Out With the Winners!!

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Hang Out With the Winners!!

Hey gang!suitcase11 Hang Out With the Winners!!

So many wonderful things came out of the No Excuses Summit I recently attended in Las Vegas. And one of those take-aways I had already done just be being there.

Most people, especially those new to network marketing, have a tendency to only attend local events or those sponsored by their company. Nothing wrong with that, unless that’s all you’re doing. Ever hear the phrase, “If you want to be a winner, hang out with the winners?” It’s so true. I remember my mom cramming into my head the opposite of that phrase — “If you want to be a loser, then go ahead and hang out with those losers!” She was right. So many times kids get derailed by hanging out with the “wrong crowd.”

But what happens when those kids, or we adults, start hanging out with the “right crowd,” those who are excited about our industry and have valuable insight to share? I’ll tell you what happens. That excitement rubs off on you. You’ll come away with so much more than information. You’ll get an attitude tune-up that’s worth ten times what you paid to attend.

So which events do I suggest you attend? All of them. Okay, maybe that’s not possible. But read the blogs and keep yourself current on which seminars and meetings are coming near you. Or, if it’s a big event, one with star-power speakers who you know in your heart could help you change not only your business but also your life — well, then save up a few bucks and fly out to wherever the meeting is taking place.

networking Hang Out With the Winners!!And here’s another bit of information that’s gigantic. During the breaks, DO NOT saunter off to a corner and call home to check on the kids. Talk to people. I’ve never been to any event where the main speakers, the heavy-hitters, aren’t totally available to meet and speak with attendees. Don’t pass up this golden opportunity. You’d pay mega-bucks to get their tapes and DVDs. Why not get a little free advice in person?

Try what I like to do when I’m in any crowd where I don’t know many people (or even if I do). I make it a point to go up and introduce myself to at least five people. Sound intimidating? Perhaps, but remember where you are…a network marketing meeting. Networking is the key word here and everyone expects you to come up and say hello. That’s what they’re doing. All you have to do is follow suit.

You know, the real magic of most of these events happens during the breaks. I can’t tell you how many great contacts, not to mention wonderful friends, I’ve met standing in a convention center hallway during a break. Have a pocket full of your business cards ready, too, and that ever-handy Sharpie pen for jotting down names and numbers.

So hit the road to success. And while you’re out there, give someone an AWESOME day!

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