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Eric Caparese

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Casey's Success Spotlight | Comments Off on Eric Caparese

Eric Caparese

The Mercedes Benz, BMW and the 4 Rolex watches that he has been awarded, mean very little to Eric Caprarese in comparison to the safety and security he’s been able to provide his sons, Logan and Ryan, with his success in network marketing.

As a man standing for honesty and integrity, using his “Build Right, Build Fast” philosophy, in two short years, Eric and his two sons were able to move from a small, one bedroom apartment, in an unsafe neighborhood, to a 4-story luxury condo in an upscale and safe community. His reputation quickly spread throughout the industry as a network marketing guru.

Eric continues his network marketing business and maintains his position as top money earner worldwide with He absolutely knows how to successfully build and grow a network business. Eric travels internationally as a motivational speaker and leader among the network marketing community. If you ever have a chance to come hear Eric’s amazing story, you’ll get inspired, motivated and learn how you too may quickly build your own successful network marketing business.

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