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Deborah Tutnauer

Posted on June 28, 2010 in Casey's Success Spotlight | Comments Off on Deborah Tutnauer

Deborah Tutnauer

Its All Success – Founding Tikanii Distributor

A Bold Business Opportunity

Survival. With Style. Living the good life, empowered and prepared.

Wow!! Tikani sure is taking it up a notch with their unique combination of preparing for the worst while enjoying the best. Three distinctive product divisions all fall under Tikanii’s umbrella. Tikanii Emergency Preparedness, Tikanii Boutique, and Cafe Tikanii. From emergency food supplies to the finest handmade 100% soy candles. From 5 year guaranteed water pouches to biodegradable gourmet coffee pods. Tikanii.

Being there for my team is the focus of how I do business. I see my job as developing people so that they can realize their dreams. People are the lifeblood of any networking business. Assisting people by teaching them the skills to get what they want and need, is the most giving thing one human can do for another. This is why I love network marketing. This is why people on my team thrive! And if they thrive, then my business is a success. It’s that simple!

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