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Is that a Sharpie in your pocket???

Posted on June 1, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 3 comments

Is that a Sharpie in your pocket???
sharpie1 Is that a Sharpie in your pocket???

One of th BEST networking tools!

Howdy Gang~~

You’ve heard to never go anywhere without a pen, right? Remember filling out that first job application at McDonald’s as a wee-little 15-yr-old and Mom saying, “Always have a pen with you when you go job hunting.” And despite this digital age we live in, that’s still good advice. Except now we need to step it up a notch and say “Always have a Sharpie with you when you go to a networking event.” Ummm, why?

How many times have you gone to write on a glossy business card, only to not be able to? So frustrating! Because so many people have glossy or colored or “busy” business cards these days, it’s hard to write on them with a normal ballpoint pen. That’s why you need to have a Sharpie, because those things can write on anything and – bonus – they don’t smudge. So you can write on the card, stick it in your pocket along with the others, and still be able to read it in the morning.

Also, while you’re writing on the cards, you may want to code them. For example, an asterisk might mean to follow up ASAP, a checkmark might mean to put them on your newsletter list, etc. Be careful with your codes, though. You don’t want to use a big X for someone you think is a loser or a frowny face or something obvious. You might think these cards are going in your pocket and no one else will see, but as soon as you think that, Mr. X will come over and say something like, “Oh, let me write my other phone number on that card,” and that could be just a little bit embarrassing.

So, go out and buy some Sharpies and start carrying them with you. You may as well take a few extras, because once people see what a good idea this is, they’ll be wanting to borrow yours. Which, of course, means that they will remember you.

Give someone an AWESOME day!

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  1. Its a great idea… and Sharpie ™ also makes a MINI Sharpie that is easy to carry in any clothing.

  2. What a great idea about markign the cards for future use! Thanks Casey!

  3. Great idea, Casey. Been carrying sharpies in my bag for awhile, but the coding was a new throught for me. Thanks! Gayle

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