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Fast food drive up windows can really be a tool?

Posted on June 3, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Fast food drive up windows can really be a tool?
drive thru Fast food drive up windows can really be a tool?

I use this all the time!

Howdy Gang~~

Where do you give out your marketing materials? Are they passively sitting in a holder somewhere on a desk or are you actively putting them out there?

Here’s an easy tip that kinda combines marketing with random acts of kindness. The next time you go through a toll booth, pay the toll for the car behind you and give your brochure/flyer/CD/card to the toll booth operator and ask him/her to give it to the person in the car whose toll you just paid. Do the same thing in a drive-through with someone’s coffee or food. You could even do this in a bar or restaurant, but be sure to pick your moments so the bartender isn’t too busy or it’s a dinner bill for a family of six.

Other places for your stuff…..

  • With the credit card receipt at a restaurant, for your waiter
  • In the airplane seat pockets (Do you really think they get cleaned out? Reach in sometime.)
  • In the taxi seat pockets, or on the bus/subway seat
  • In anything you mail out – bill payments, invoices, etc.
  • On the magazine table at the doctor’s office

Those are just a few…..can you think of others? Please share!

Give someone an AWESOME day (and a brochure)!

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  1. Great ideas! In the days when I could buy a sheet of pre-cut stickees in an Avery package, I created a message similar to my business cards, printed sheets of the stickees, and attached on to each check I sent when I mailed payments‚Ķwith some very interesting results. Now that the company I work with is preparing to launch into Mexico in about 6 months, I am creating something along those lines to distribute to everyone I meet–knowing that almost everyone has friends, family, or contacts in Mexico, and most of them would like to improve their health or financial status! Thanks Casey

  2. Hi Casey-
    These are great ideas- I like the idea of paying it forward! You can imagine if you pay for someone’s toll or meal that they would be very curious to know who you are and might look you up. I also have some drop cards that look like dollar bills I leave or drop discreetly in different places. I make sure that I am in an area where entrepreneur minded people are more likely to be, and put it somewhere where the business owner won’t mind or think it’s trash.

    These great ideas really get the mental juices flowing- really anywhere you can make contact with another person is a place you can leave your card. It’s a numbers game, so the more you are giving it out, the more will come looking you up- and that’s attraction marketing at it’s finest!

    Thanks, Casey! Did you leave your card inside that shark who was biting you? You never know….


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