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Want to build your network? Meet everyone.

Posted on April 21, 2010 in Uncategorized | 2 comments

Want to build your network? Meet everyone.

everyone Want to build your network? Meet everyone.Hey Gang~~ 

I had such an AWESOME weekend.  I was a speaker at Jeffery Comb’s More Heart Than Talent seminar in Los Angeles.  I shred the stage with Jeff Combs and Cedrick Harris. It was an event filled with some of the hottest talent in Network Marketing profession with so much energy it was unbelievable!!  There were many Golden Nuggets, so much content and amazing energy. 

I was coming up with the top 7 lessons I took from that event and my number 1 lesson was to meet everyone.  Now, this seems a bit silly but I met almost every single Entrepreneur in attendance and it was so wonderful to meet great people and add them to my network.  So often people forget that just walking up to everyone in the room and introducing yourself will build your sphere very quickly.  People will think you are friendly, outgoing, energetic, and a leader if you are the one introducing yourself.  I know for some this is an overwhelming feeling but maybe, just maybe this will be the first step towards calling someone! 

All seriousness aside, in the game of networking the people with the most relationships will win ever single time.  Things become much easier when you have masses of people to draw from.  For example, who would you rather do business with, the person who has access to a huge data base of ideal clients or the hermit?  I’m just sayin. 

Here is your action step. Introduce yourself to 5 people you never met.  It can even be strangers, your Mailman, or your bank teller.  Make this a habit….. 5 people per day. 5 people per day. 5 people per day.  You will never know how this will impact you until you try.  Have a wonderful day and give someone else an AWESOME day!

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  1. Good stuff Casey. The 5 people a day action step is great advice!!

  2. Great action step Casey. If every serious networker simply forced themselves to adopt this ‘mantra’ of 5-a-day they would have an endless stream of prospects!

    I’m on it …

    Best to you,

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