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This is where all the networking magic happens……..

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This is where all the networking magic happens……..
magic This is where all the networking magic happens........
All the magic happens here….

Howdy Gang~~

Last night I was having a conversation with a close friend of mine who is just getting started in a network marketing opportunity that could and probably will change her life forever.  She was asking me about what it takes to have some success in her new venture and she asked me, “Case, can you tell me about a place where all the magic happens?”  This was an AWESOME question with multiple answers.  It was really interesting to be asked that question because I  have always tried to figure out the answer for myself in every single venture I have ever been involved in.  I want the magic pill that I can take to be wildly successful just like everyone else!  Call it what you want but I think we tend to seek out the path of least resistance.  I am sure I could do hours of training on this topic but I will keep this short, sweet and to the point!  Here it is, get ready, are you set?  In my opinion most of the solid networking magic almost ALWAYS happens right after an event usually at the bar!
O.K. let me explain myself a little and a few of you will need to pull your heads out of the gutter! LOL.  There have been so many times I have been to events as a participant or even as a speaker (blatant plug here) where after the event a cold frosty beer is desperately needed.  I usually head straight to the lobby or the bar of the hotel where the event is held.  There you will usually find the dedicated folks that flew in for an event as well as the speakers.  You see, as a speaker I can tell you that during the event the speakers are in a totally different mindset.  They are prepping in their heads and the very last thing they want is to have their brains “picked”.  However, after the event they need to let off a little steam and need to decompress from the event.  They are usually more open to answering questions and explaining themselves a bit more.  Here is the other cool thing, usually the more dedicated people are willing to stay after for their own decompression. 
I have met some of the most successful people after events I have either spoke at or attended.  I have found that this group is usually the “cream” that has risen to the top.  Here is another cool thought, if you will find the successful people after the event and you are one of the people, congratulations, you are also part of that same “cream”.  Kinda cool huh? 
Here is  your action step, next time you are at an event and you want to rush home to watch your recording of Glee, stick around for a few minutes and watch how some true networking magic is created!!  Give someone an AWESOME day!!
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