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Now don't be shy— Some useful tips to work a room!

Posted on April 30, 2010 in Networking Tips | 6 comments

Hey Gang~~

Now I’ve said it before, but of course I’ll say it again…in the game of networking the people with the most relationships will win every single time. But here’s the thing – did you know that some people are just naturally introverted and shy, so networking events are actually hard for them? It’s a concept way beyond my comprehension, but it’s true! I read it on the internet, so it must be true! So in an effort to put an end to shyness everywhere, here are my tips for working the room instead of the wall:

  • SMILE! I know you’re thinking, well duh, but seriously. Besides the obvious “it makes you more approachable” reason, you might actually trick yourself into having a good time.
  • VOLUNTEER! More specifically, volunteer to work the registration table. This way you’ll have to talk to everyone and you won’t even have to think of what to say. “Good morning, what’s your name?” is already scripted for you.
  • BRING A FRIEND! Preferably an extroverted friend, but any wing-man will do. Be careful not to use the friend as a crutch, though. You still have to meet some new people, not just talk with your old friend the whole day.
  • FOOD! Hanging out by the food line is a gimme. It’s like the weather – you can always think of something to say about it and everyone has an opinion. And if you happen to say “those cookies look delicious” and someone proceeds to tell you about their grandmother’s secret cookie recipe, well look at that – you’ve started a conversation!
  • HOLD ON! If you’re a fidgeter, try holding a drink or a pad of paper to give your hands something to do. However, DON’T hold anything electronic, because you know you’ll end up checking messages and then your approachability meter just took a nose-dive.
  • UNITE! If you think you’re the only Bashful Betty in the room, you are sadly mistaken. Scan the wallpaper – you’ll see others in your predicament. Now go and meet them and form a united front.

These are a few easy tips to get you started – now get out there and make it happen! And while you’re at it, have an AWESOME day!

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  1. I LOVE IT (as usual)! Casey, you have become one of the most reliable sources of valuable content for me! Thank you for being AWESOME every day and in every way!

  2. Great tips! Where were you when I was shy? Too shy to say hello the first time? Make a deal with yourself that on the count of 3 you will take one step forward and put your hand out and say “Hi, I’m ………” Works every time!

  3. Thank you for sharing these great tips Casey. I’ll have to remember some of these the next time I am attending a Networking event with a new group of people.

  4. Casey…. you are the AWESOMENATOR!!!
    I’ve got get your book and be awesomenated. Great tips for the next trimester challenge. See you at the next TER.

  5. I Used to be shy too… until I started using SWOM. It has turned things around for me with my interactions and promoting my business. Click on my name to sign up free today.

  6. Great information. If you are not the shy one look for the one that is and go help them open up by a simple Hi. It will certainly give them an awesome feeling!!

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