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Avoid the F.I.N.E. trap if you want to build relationships!

Posted on April 26, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 6 comments

Howdy Gang~~ How ya doing?


If you blurted out “fine” on autopilot, then reach up and give yourself a good smack. Avoid the F.I.N.E trap! (F.I.N.E. = Feelings I’m Not Expressing) Snoozer questions like “how are you doing?”, “how’s it going?”, “how are you feeling?” are bad enough, but to add a snoozer answer to the mix is just adding insult to injury. Think about it, if you meet someone at a networking event and they say, “Hi, how are you?” do they really want to know? No, of course not. It’s one of those silly little courtesy games we play with each other. Hihowareyoufinethankshowareyou. So here’s your opportunity to turn it around. Instead of “Fine,” try “Awesome!” or “Any better and I’d be twins!” or “Everything is beautiful!” or “If I was any better, vitamins would be taking me!” or my personal favorite, “So awesome it ought to be a sin!”. NOW you have their attention. Nobody expects that kind of answer, so you’ve peaked their curiosity and it’ll prompt them to find out what made you say it. Plus, you’ve set the tone with your positive outlook and then who wouldn’t want to meet you? Or connect with you? Or do business with you?

Try it and let me know how it worked out, and feel free to share your best lines. Now get out there and have a F.I.N.E.-free, AWESOME day!

And hey, if you are up to giving me an AWESOME day, leave a comment, Retweet this or hit up my website!!  😉

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  1. Casey – thanks for the reminder to get past FINEHOWAREYOU?

  2. This is a great post! I think that we do answer this common question with the most common answer just because it’s expected. As I read “Better Than Good” by Zig Ziglar, I realize that the mind is a powerful thing and used properly can have a dramatic impact on your life. To answer the question “how am I doing”, I am trying to make a conscience effort to be “better than good” and not just f.i.n.e. Thanks again!

  3. Casey, I love your style. My favorite replacement question is “What’s good about your day?” It’s leading them to answer at least something good and it points them in a positive direction. It catches them off guard but always gets a smile..

    It’s awesome, so now several of my friends start our conversations with, “Whats good Marcelle” and I’m totally blessed by that.

    Great post, keep em coming!

    PS. I’m going to use “if I was any better vitamins would be taking me.”

  4. Always say something SUPERLATIVE! It will make the world wonder what you are up to…and they deserve to know :)

  5. Love it, Casey! Now that is how to attract attention!

    Best to you,

  6. Another friend says “perfect but I’ll get better”.

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