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Are you supporting the Network Marketing Profession?

Posted on April 29, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 14 comments

Are you supporting the Network Marketing Profession?

blog1 Are you supporting the Network Marketing Profession?Hey Gang~~

I was sitting here at my desk thinking about a very interesting experience I had yesterday.  You see, I had a new Teammate over at my house and we were going through some training ideas when he had to use the restroom.  When he was finished he walked out and commented on how many products in my house were from different network marketing companies that were NOT from the company I work with.  It warmed the cockles of my heart to have him notice.  You see I have had a philosophy that I have been training my own team forever and it is really simple.  Here we go.  I will not buy a product from a store or website if there is some network marketing company that sells something similar!! 

I love the profession of Entrepreneurialism so much that I will even pay a tiny bit more and even spend a little more time to support someone else’s business in every way I can.  I have met some of my closest friends this way!!  Let me give you a tiny example.  There are candles burning in my office everyday, when I need a new candle I will usually (I now have a couple of close friends selling candles so I don’t do this every time) go on facebook or twitter and ask if anyone sells candles.  Instead of buying 5 candles from one distributor, I will buy 1 from 5 different reps.  The reason is simple, I want everyone in our AWESOME profession to be able to say they made some money. 

Here are just a few examples of the types of products you can buy from someone in our profession.  All toiletries, candles, gas mileage enhancer, energy drinks, silver coins, vitamins, minerals, coffee, birthday cards, direct t.v., phone service… get my drift. 

O.K. you say you are NOT in network marketing?? You’re crazy but there is is hope. You see, if you are in business you will need some people talking about what it is that you do.  A good professional networker usually has a much larger network than your regular Chamber of Commerce Member.  If you want instant access, buy something from one!  You will not get sucked into a meeting but you will be supporting a profession that in my opinion is one of our last hopes for flying out of the current economic “situation” and who knows who you might meet!

If you sell something through network marekting or direct sales, leave a comment with your link!

Give someone (and I mean a Networker) an AWESOME day!!

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  1. Hey Casey- Great advice! I will keep that in mind when I require a purchase of any kind. Before I go online or shop for something, I will check first with team mates, FB, and Twitter.
    If any body requires Dish, cell phone renewal, vitamins, ID theft protection, Home security system, etc. let me know :)
    Loved you at Jeffery Combs More Heart than Talent seminar!

  2. I guess I forget my link…

  3. Casey,

    Right on!!! As always!! That is so insightful! I’m going to re-evaluate my spending habits so I can make sure that I support our cause in the future in ways that I haven’t in times past.
    Thanks so much for the thought provoking topic!!!

    Calvin Sharp

  4. I am new to your column but love the idea of having all kinds of stuff from other network marketing professions. Thanks for the advice
    I have joined the Gigi Hill Bag team and have been a Scentsy Consultant for 2 years
    Check them out

    Love both of these products…..
    Make it a great day

  5. Awesome reminder, when we buy superior Healthy Energy Drinks, Make-up Made from fruits & berries, or Natural Laundry Detergent (I love Amway Detergent), or thoughtful SOC’s we’re building value in our profession! http:/

  6. Casey, you have done it again! You must have been a carpenter in your past life, because you just keep hitting the nail on the head!

    I love spreading my purchases out to support others! It has even affected the places we dine out at (my husband is a former Chef), since we like to support local mom and pops instead of chains.

    Thank you again for putting all this value out there on a regular basis!



  7. Casey, trying to comment on face book, but this will work too…excellent….I am so excited that Bruce turned me onto you…look forward to more info from you!!!

  8. What a terrific and important point you have made, and one I will take to heart. I hope that you will find a time and reason to bring one of my products into your life. Perhaps not every day, but at some times. Thanks for all you contribute to so many!

  9. Hmm, I thought that my site would be included in the message so didn’t include it in the text. Guess that would make it tough for you or a reader to visit it to see what products I referred to in my original message. You’ll find much more at! (Or learn more about me also at Can you tell I’m just learning about blogging?

  10. Great article Casey!

    It is so very true to support the industry as a whole and to help educate the rest of the world that Network Marketing is a viable and sustainable business model and not a scam or flash in the pan concept.

    Thank you for posting this and leading a Network Marketing Revolution!

  11. Fantastic Post! I agree 100%. The best products are always from a Network Marketing company anyway. I use several myself. And if you’re in the market for awesome energy, mental focus, and the most complete all-in-one nutritional supplement available –

  12. This is an epiphany for me, Casey, and I have been in NWM for 8 yrs! Great stuff!
    If you call me ahead of time, I will actually sell you the product at Preferred Customer Pricing!!! By the way, what do you sell?

  13. I am new to network marketing and I consider myself to be accelerating rather nicely! My websites are not up yet but I have faith and confidence in myself and my future! This is great advice, and I tend to heed to it, THANKS!

  14. Hi, I am both a business owner and a network marketer and it is definately the future with this economy. Where there is a will there is a way!!! I am a certified hypnotherapist / empowerment coach and also a travel consultant, so check out my website for great wholesale prices next time you travel. A great day to ya all. If lack of motivation or procrastination has taken a hold on you….hypnotherapy will benefit you!

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