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Stop STINKING up the joint!!

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Stop STINKING up the joint!!

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Howdy Gang!!

Casey here with another important networking tip. Everyone knows the Jean Nate Lady or the Old Spice Guy in the office, right? You know, the ones who bathe in so much cologne that they can’t possibly have enough left for the next day, yet they do, day after day after day? The ones you’ll think of any excuse to avoid when they come within a 50-yard radius of your desk? Now picture this scenario while networking and here’s your very important tip: Do not wear scented products to a networking event! Just say no.

Now granted, most of us have mastered the art of “less is more” where cologne is concerned, but you never know when Burberry to you might be Windex to someone else. Not to mention some companies are implementing scent-free-zones at work now. City employees in Detroit can’t wear perfume, cologne, or after-shave as a result of a $100,000 settlement in a lawsuit filed by a city employee who has chemical sensitivities. Just think of trying to network with this person. Do you think you’d get a chance to make any kind of positive impression? No way. Chemical sensitivities to perfume can trigger migraines, rashes, or asthma attacks and you DO NOT want to be responsible for this kind of drama. You’re trying to make a good impression, remember?

Of course the other obvious partner to “perfume overload” is Aroma de Ashtray. I shouldn’t even have to remind you not to smell like cigarettes when networking. And if you think you can cover up the smell of smoke with perfume, wellll… may have missed the point altogether.

So to recap…..while scented goodness might be an added bonus for date night, it’s a definite no-no for networking events. No scents = good sense.

Give someone an AWESOME day!!

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