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For crying out loud, shell out the $3.49!

Posted on January 23, 2010 in Networking Tips, Uncategorized | 7 comments

For crying out loud, shell out the $3.49!
blog coffee 240x300 For crying out loud, shell out the $3.49!

Is it only $3.49!

Hey Gang~~  Casey here with another super easy simple little thing you can do to increase your effectiveness in developing a long relationship with someone whom you just met.  This is so easy to do but also easy not to do.  I will also give you a real life example of how not doing this can make someone feel like they are of no value to your network.


O.K. Here is the deal.  The most valuable thing I have in my business is both time and knowledge.  As is the case with most professionals and especially Entrepreneurs.  I would like to tell you a little story of something that just happened to me this past week.  I had met this guy at a networking event and it was very clear TO HIM that I was a good candidate for his services AND I had the knowledge to help him improve his business on a massive scale.  He was pretty good about following up with me so I thought “hey, maybe he is someone good to know”.   He called and asked if I would meet him for a cup of coffee so he could “pick my brain”.  I tried to schedule the meeting outside of my own production hours but his calendar for whatever lame set of reasons would not permit it.  It is worth repeating at this point that I was the prospect AND the one whose pea brain was about to be “picked”.  So I reluctantly gave up a two hour block of top production time to meet this guy and listen to his pitch.

I show up at the coffee house on time and he is already there, sitting down and had already prepped the table for what I am sure he thought would be a lay down sale.  It was covered with a brochure, flip chart, samples and by far the most telling an application for his services.  Interestingly enough, he also had a coffee of some sort. (a fancy latte I believe).  When I walked up to he table and shook his hand, he did say how nice it was to see me and that he appreciated the time I took t come listen to his deal and have him “pick my brain”. Then he said the DEAL KILLER, “I’ll wait here if you want to go get yourself a coffee”. Really? No, I mean….Really?

Now, let me tell you what went through my head. I was about to give up valuable time AND be pitched AND be asked about how to improve his business and he was making me buy my own coffee?  Please understand, I can buy my own coffee but this guy was not thinking.  He came across as cheap and unthoughtful.  I went up and bought my iced soy latte (hint if we ever meet for coffee) and while I was at the counter I was telling the Barista about the situation. Even she chuckled.  Now, please understand something, it was NOT about the coffee.  It was about character!  He lost me before he started and in fact I told him this during our “picking” session.  I did tell him that he could have had a way higher chance of closing me if he had taken just $3.49 and offered to buy my iced soy latte!

I know this seems like a rant but there is a very valuable lesson here.  If you are prospecting and or selling something and even better meeting with someone who can help you build your business, you might want to think about the time, energy and resources you are sucking away from them and provide them some sort of value as well.  I would never expect someone to buy my coffee but I assure you by offering it does show you are a bit mindful.   This is a really long story with a short moral…….

For crying out loud, shell out the $3.49!!

Give someone an AWESOME day!

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  1. As a barista myself, I love seeing this dynamic! Sometimes, people will fight over who GETS to pay. Maybe that’s just something that happens here in small town north Louisiana.

    Other times, I see business partners and even what looks to be people on a date doing what you described above.

    I understand that it’s not about the coffee. (good choice btw. next time, try it with coconut.) It’s about going out of your way to make someone feel valued.

    Great story Casey. And trust me. If you ever find yourself in North Louisiana, you will certainly be treated with a cup of joe.

  2. What a great story… I’m sure we can all relate. He should have had his brain in gear before he put his mouth in motion.

    But what I’d really like to know is, where did you get that cute little pop-up bar at the bottom of your blog with all the social media icons on it?! I need one of those!…and I’ll even send you a Starbucks gift certificate as a thank you (cuz I can’t come and buy you an iced soy latte, more’s the pity ;o)

  3. Great little piece. This happens to me all the time and I just didn’t put it together the way you did. It’s crazy but I actually remember the various people looking for referrals from me who picked up the tab for coffee! That should be a clue to the value of this small gesture. Thanks!

  4. I know I’ve been guilty of this! Thanks for putting it altogether. We learn something every day. (if we can stay teachable!)
    And when I meet you I would love to pick your brain and buy you an iced soy latte!

  5. Well Casey what to say about this, some people just never get it! haha!

    You are a real pro and it’s such a pleasure to be connected with you through Todd!

    Have an awesome week and someday it would be a real blessing to meet and give you a great big hug!

    Sue Seward
    Austin, Texas

  6. Really? Not only would it NEVER cross my mind not to pay if I make the invitation..I usually offer to pay at any business meeting or gathering with a friend. It feels’s good karma..why not?

    Peace and Abundance,

  7. One more’s also a crucial skill to know how to graciously accept, when someone else offers to buy your latte…like Casey did for me a few months ago when he met my plane at LAX..thanks are a very special soul..



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