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A 30 second way to build a relationship with someone you just met!

Posted on January 21, 2010 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 2 comments

A 30 second way to build a relationship with someone you just met!
blog pic social media A 30 second way to build a relationship with someone you just met!

Pick your favorite social media site and check for connections

Howdy Gang~~

Casey here with a really simple yet VERY underutilized tool to continue building a relationship with someone you just met.  Look, here is the real deal.  How often do we go to an event where tons of business cards are being passed around and when you get home you have nothing but a handful of business cards and nothing to do?  It is amazing to me how many people still feel that they can just go pass out some cards and business is just going to flood their doorstep.  Well here is what I do and for some reason everyone thinks I’m smart (no comments from the peanut gallery please) because I love getting business cards at an event but I actually DO something with them, even if I have NO intention of ever talking with the nimrod. (I have no idea why, but I love the word nimrod!)

I want to get to know as many people as I can AND scout out the ones I want to do business with.  I do want people in my information loop and I choose to use social media sites as a great way to do this.  Note: I almost just went and deleted “nimrod” but then I smiled and just typed it again!  On my facebook page, I keep people up to date with what I am doing but also use it as a data mine for things and situations I can help others with in their businesses.  So, Are you ready for this thing that I do?

Easy: When I get home from every event I ALWAYS try to connect with the folks who were cool AND the NIMRODS on Facebook and twitter just to keep them in the loop.  It is free and you never know who they may know.  This sounds really easy to do but the reality is it is just as easy NOT to do.  This will increase your connections and everyone wins.  Now look, I am sure someone will say “yeah but why do you want to connect with nimrods?’ I don’t but they may be connected to someone I would like to know OR maybe they can introduce me to someone they have a relationship with. 

Bottom line, In order for you to increase your social currency you must build a reputation for helping people.  I run everyone I meet through Facebook right when I get home.  I may or may not leave a message but I am just looking to connect. 

Give me an awesome day and click on one of the little blue links to connect to a non nimrod!

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  1. Great idea, Casey! It does take a bit of time (or you can outsource this part to your virtual assistant!) but connecting AFTER the event is critical. Going through the stack of business cards and finding people on facebook and twitter is an excellent strategy! Sending a follow up email is even better. Thanks for the reminder!

    I can assume I’m not a nimrod since you and I actually meet and connect IRL (in real life), right?! LOL! Thanks for a great post!

  2. I do the same thing, so, I LOVE this article! Thanks Nimrod; oops, I mean Casey!!

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