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The 4 words that can change your life!

Posted on June 23, 2009 in Uncategorized | 4 comments

Hey Gang~~ Casey here and I just wanted to share a tip with you that has changed my life forever and I wanted to share it with you out of the kindness of my own heart.  My money is made by networking and connecting people  so I would consider myself a dang good “connector”.  I am always looking to connect people with others who can help them with what they are looking for.  I learn from others and here is what I have learned.  Over my computer there is a piece of paper that has a simple four word phrase.  When I am not at my computer I never remember to ask it but when I am at my computer I ALWAYS ask the question “Who Do You Know?”  This is a question tat if you get into the habit of asking I PROMISE you will build your network. 

Just today, I was talking with a prospect who was clearly NOT interested in what I was wanting to share with him.  After he was done giving me all the reasons why my product was not a perfect match for him, I asked him who he knew ran a big nonprofit.  Turns out his best friend is a Founder of a MASSIVE nonprofit who would be without a doubt one of the best referrals EVER!  I have been trying to get into this nonprofit for literally years! Years people YEARS!  Always ask and you may just get exactly what you are looking for! 

Now, Who Do You Know??

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  1. Great article and great question Casey… I actually shared with a huge non profit myself and they are really interested and all…

  2. Loved this. My most recent, and exciting new position came from a referral from someone I know. Now I need to ask for help. Who do you know that loves to network and write???

  3. I was looking for that kind of encouragement today.
    Keep them coming Casey.

  4. Hi there.. great article. Could you give me an advice. I can get an invite to built a network. I dont know if i dont lock the schedule well or what seems to be the proble. Hoping you could help me with this. thank you

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