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How to Network the Friendly Skies!

Posted on January 19, 2009 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 1 comment

How to Network the Friendly Skies!

airplane How to Network the Friendly Skies!Howdy all!  So one of the things I am really looking to do is finding all of the ways to build a large world wide network of friends.  The one thing that is really cool about running a blog and business based on networking is the many ideas that come into the in box from people all over who have figured out unique ways to meet people.  This one was inspired by an email I received and has made its way into my life. 

I heard a great quote last week and it went like this, “Want to earn a million dollars?, have a million friends!”  Here is one of the ways you can meet some new friends.  When I travel I always try to have as many stops on a trip and always sit in the middle seat of the plane.  Why you ask?  Well, you meet two new people on every leg of your journey.  Now, I know what  some of you are thinking….. but it only works if your “neighbors” are open to a discussion.  Sit in the middle and you have twice the likelihood of meeting someone interesting.  I have over 10 people I still communicate with I met on planes.  One is a guy who buys mobile homes in beach communities and rents them out!  I still check in with him about twice a year and he owns half a park in Malibu!

Please do not use this as a way to badger strangers but I offer you this as a simple way of meeting people that most will never think of.  Take on the responsibility of staying in touch after the flight.  I once flew with a new mother and son on the same flight as a late night host.  Her child was so well behaved and funny that I ended up taking pictures of her and the kid.  Ever since then I send her birthday and anniversary cards with their pictures on them.  I could go on with the stories but would like to hear yours!

Remember if everyone knows just 250 people then every trip you take has the potential of opening the doors to over 1000 new people!  See you in the middle! Happy flying!!

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1 Comment

  1. Hey Casey. I follow you on Twitter, but for some reason, I’m just now checking out the blog. Good stuff that I have read so far.

    Now this may sound like a stupid question, but how do you start of a conversation on the plane? It seems I am always surrounded by the most anti-social people on the plane. Or maybe they just don’t want to talk to me. :)

    Take care

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