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Tweet for Twitter’s sake! How Twittter made me a sale!

Posted on November 1, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 7 comments

Tweet for Twitter’s sake! How Twittter made me a sale!

O.K. So I have to admit something but only to you.  I did not ever think you would be reading a post by me about a social networking site called  Well, here you are and I am gonna climb onto my soapbox and tell you why you should consider using this site to build your business.  Here we go……

twitter logo large Tweet for Twitters sake! How Twittter made me a sale!  Twitter is a site that allows you to follow or be followed by other users and in a short little quip know what is going on in someone’s life.  It also is used to update your Facebook page if you have one.  This little deal has been the coolest thing for me and it has resulted in some really cool things happening.  The basic premise is that you keep tabs on some of your favorite people, leaders, ideas, speakers, clients, prospects or friends.   It is really fun but also alows you to see what your data base is up to.  For example, when I post a tweet it shows on my facebook page but also in the Tweet summary of the people following me.  KInda cool when I can see in a snapshot what friends and teamamtes are doing. 

A real life example of how this can benefit business was when I saw one of my teamamtes left a tweet that she was having a difficult time showing our product to a prospect.  She was just venting but I saw that she was in trouble.  I called her immediately and helped show the prospect why she should buy the product.  My teamamte would have not have made the sale and been frustrated but with Twitter we made the sale. (Yeah Baby!)  It is all about networking and I will continue to bring you ideas that work for me!  Enjoy and please find me on Twitter at

Please fell free to leave a comment if you have a geat twitter story or just really like leaving comments.  I love them all!

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  1. Twitter is truly an amazing tool for many reasons! It’s like texting on steroids allowing you to send out messages to all of your followers in 30 seconds. Like Casey, I would encourage you to setup a twitter account and start following a few people to learn how to use it. This is just one of many social media tools changing the business marketplace.

    Follow me on twitter:

  2. I have only been on twitter for a short time so I am trying to soak up as much info as I can. thanks for the insight.

  3. I agree Twitter is amazing. I met a radio personality and we got to talking and he invited me to interview him on his show!!!! All this from telling people about my latest blog post and stuff. I was skeptical about Twitter before but I am no longer a doubter. Feel free to follow me:

    God Bless

  4. That’s awesome man! I’m really going to focus more time on Twitter this week looking for ways to help peple.

    Thanks for the tip!

  5. Great insight Casey! I have picked up a lot of good training input on Twitter.

  6. Great information!! Thanks for the knowledge

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