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Can one cup of coffee really make you a fortune?

Posted on November 22, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 6 comments

Can one cup of coffee really make you a fortune?

coffee post Can one cup of coffee really make you a fortune?Howdy!  Thank you for checking out my blog.  I really apprciate every time you read an article and leave a comment.  They are all read by me and I enjoy every single one.  So a quick thank you for leaving a comment. 

I would like to share a quick story about how one cup of coffee and a second chance has made me several thousand dollars.  Is it a fortune? Not yet but I can tell you by the time the relationship is in full bloom it will have.  About a year ago I was in a local coffee shop showing a friend what I was doing for a new business when I spotted her.  There she was, barefoot sitting in a big fluffy chair reading “Think and Grow Rich” and chatting with every person within ear shot.  You know the type, kinda loud, outgoing, chatty, and has the energy to draw you in to the conversation just by her presence.  My friend and I were actually making fun of her thinking she was a bit “off”.  Boy was I an IDIOT!!

I do remember thinking this is a gal I should meet since I am in the people business and she surely knows a bunch of people.  This would be where I wished I was telling you I walked up and met her, but not so.  Sorry.  I left and drove away.  When I was in the car driving home, I remember thinking I may have just walked away from a great person to know.  Weeks passed and I actually did go back to the coffee house to she if she was there. No such luck!

About a month later I happened to be at a networking mixer and literally bumped into her!  No way was I letting this pass me by.  I introduced myself telling her the set up where I saw her before and we laughed.  Turns out she was a credit coach (did I mention the necklace made out of a gold Amex card?) and was prospecting in the coffee shop!  Holy Smokes! 

To make a long story short, we met for coffee at the same place I saw her before.  She is now one of my closest friends and we talk almost every other day.  She has directly referred me THOUSANDS of dollars worth of business and is one of the best referral partners around.  The morale of the story is always be on the look out for people you want to get to know and do not be an idiot like I was and drive away! 

That one cup of coffee will over time turn into a fortune and a lifetime friend.

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  1. Eyes and ears are much better tools for networking than your voice. Would you agree?
    Very nice article.

  2. I’m trying to decide if you’re telling me to drink more coffee or make more friends!

    I make it a habit to do both as much as possible. I think its great that you were given a second chance and everything worked out. I hope it inspires you to make your move the first time around in the future!


  3. Great Story! I think we all have a tendency to judge others based on whatever we have going on in our heads. Whether or product, service, or business opportunity, it comes down to being of service and not deciding for someone else whether or not they should get the chance to hear our message!

  4. Great Post.
    The Principle of Think and grow Rich are well described.
    We were blessed with TWO EARS and ONE MOUTH.
    Let’s us them Accordingly

  5. OInEFA Thanks for good post

  6. I love that story! It just goes to show you…all good things come when you are ready! I am blessed you are ready and are in my life.

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