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Do you ASSume?

Posted on October 13, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 7 comments

Do you ASSume?
gigantic ass 300x300 Do you ASSume?


Welcome to my sick mind!  Casey here again with another networking tip for you.  Do NOT assume!  I am going to tell you a little story that happened this morning in hopes you will get the point.  One of the things that will help you network and build a huge business is listening.  Now, here is the key to this deal.  Never ever assume the person you are talking with is telling you the whole story.  I am not saying they are lying but it is not your job to assume or fill in any part of their story. 

Let me tell you about “Gale”.  Gale is a potential client of mine who is all about assuming what her clients might want based on nothing more than her own story.  You see, Gale claims to be broke and because the story in her head is real, she is assuming all of her clients must be broke too.  We are talking about her coming on board with me in a position where she would sell a product to her existing client base.  Her base buys really high end products from her but she keeps telling me how broke her clients are.  The funny thing about this is that my product is just an add on up sale that is actually really inexpensive compared to what she is selling. 

I am asking, no begging you, to please not make assumptions on what people will buy or how much money they have in their bank account.  You must have a really big ego to think you know what someone elses situation is.  You will be a much better networker if you concentrate on building a long lasting relationship with people and not try to pretend you know more than you really do. 

When you can release your ego and let a relationship blossom you will be a much more valuable asset to others making you an ideal networker! (O.K. I could not resist using my blog name here)

Go out and give someone an AWESOME day!!

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  1. Great blog Casey…so true. But I have to ask…where in the world did you find that picture!?

  2. That’s so funny!

    Billy Anne Crews

  3. Great blog! I find some of my downline people will try to make that assumption and say I know so and so doesn’t have the mpney or can’t spend that money ….I will share your message!

  4. Hey Casey,
    Nice blog. I “assume” that if that’s her picture, you didn’t let her sit on your lap!
    Happy New Year!

  5. Another Great Post! My partner also makes those assumptions.

  6. You are so right on this one. Just go in and show your product or service. If it is good, it will sell itself no matter the cost!

    You are so AWESOME Casey!

  7. Wow! Thanks for the visual… way to drive home a point. I don’t think I will ever forget it!

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