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What’s on your “vacation” list??

Posted on September 13, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 1 comment

Today I am going to increase your office productivity!  This is going to perhaps be one of the best networking and business tips you are going to read about today!  It all started when I thought I was going out to Vegas for a “working” weekend.  I did the normal things one does before leaving the office for a few days. This included laundry, packing, finding someone to feed my fish, making sure the mail would be picked up, and lastly finishing up my “vacation” list.  I had sat down and created a list of things I needed to get accomplished and people I need to follow up with BEFORE I would leave for my vacation.  The interesting thing about this list was it was much longer than my daily “to do” list.  It included things like.

1. Follow up with an email and “Nice to Meet You” card to the 12 people I had met that morning at a Chamber breakfast.

2. Respond to and clean out my two email accounts (45 emails total).

3. Have Christina, my assistant from V.A.-a-GoGo, start calling my team inviting them to an event. P.S. She is the absolute best and if you need help with “admin overwhelm” call her!

4. Close two sales that have just needed me to take the info and put it in the computer. (I get paid when the info goes into the computer).

5. Update my Facebook page.

So for the entire day I worked so hard to get everything on the list completed.  By about 3:00 in the afternoon, an iced venti soy latte, some dance music in the background and a few hours distraction free time, I did it!!!!  The list was completed!  Yeah for me.  I could now leave for my “vacation”.  Packed and ready to go, I got a call and in one 30 second conversation, my trip was off.  Bummer.

Here is the real lesson.  I worked so hard to get everything of the list done that I had got more accomplished in one day than I usually do.  Why is that?  I knew I had to make up for a couple of days of no production but the reality was I more productive just based on a perceived lack of time.  Here is my new way of making my daily “to-do” list.  I know make the list as if I am leaving tomorrow morning for vacation and must finish everything before going.  Holy smokes I am more productive.  Please go right now and make your vacation list and leave me a comment on how you did in completing your tasks for the day.  On the top of your list, may I suggest giving someone an AWESOME day!

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1 Comment

  1. Casey,

    I am going to do this. Because I have done that story 100’s of times before trips.

    Thank you for sharing. So simple, I just needed to open my eyes to it.


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