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In networking the most valuable three words are…Listen Listen Listen

Posted on September 5, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 4 comments

In networking the most valuable three words are…Listen Listen Listen

ears1 In networking the most valuable three words are...Listen Listen ListenI am sitting here at my computer just cracking up over how so many people miss the mark when networking with someone they have just met.  When you are out at an event and meet someone you think might be a good match for you AND you have made an appointment with them to get to know them better, PLEASE read the title of this post.  People just crack me up with their inability to just sit and listen to another person without trying to get a word in edge wise.  If you just listen to another person and let them sell themselves on your product, the sales cycle will be quite short.  I just used this example with a close friend I was just with trying to sell our product.  When you are meeting someone pretend they are in the middle of the road and your job is to simply let them sell themselves and you are just a bumper keeping them on the road.  If you just listen you can pick up on cues that help you nudge them towards the close.  For example, an insurance agent trying to sell me life insurance better pick up on the fact I am not interested in life insurance  to leave the money to an heir BUT will sell me on the investment portion.  If the agent does not listen to me and they keep leading me down the path of leaving money to my heirs then sorry……no deal. 

Open your ears to listening to your prospect and you will soon see the light.  Remember that the most valuable three words in networking are listen listen listen!

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  1. Hey Casey – I so love your new blog!!! This is really great. Listening is such a powerful sales tool. I find that by listening I can better demonstrate how my services can help someone. You are so right, people will tell you what they need. If I can help them with my business I will. If I can’t I do my bet to refer them to a friend/business I know that can. It makes business fun when you take the approach of “How can I help you” instead of “How can I sell you”.

  2. It always amazing me how many people don’t even seem to know the meaning of the word “listen”. Thanks for the great reminder and I look forward to getting more tips and hints. I subscribed yesterday!

  3. Casey! You are right on with this post! It’s not just the meeting after the networking event… Listen, listen, listen, every time you meet someone new, meet with them again, or make any contact with the person. Listening is by far the best tool we have in networking, sales, and building relationships. Thank you for the reminder!

  4. You mean it’s not all about me. What if I like to talk. Usually I have much better things to say. I really think if I am smarter, I should do most of the talking. People really need to hear what I have to say………I am just teasing. I can always learn from others. If I sit and listen and learn then I come away from that converstation all the wiser. There you go it’s all about me again! :) Have a great day Casey….We miss ya.

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