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Where to Wear A Name Tag

Posted on August 7, 2008 in Networking Tips | 1 comment

Where to Wear A Name Tag
nametags Where to Wear A Name Tag

Never network witout one!

Hey gang!

Casey here checking in from my home office and just had to get this off my chest.
Let me tell you the story of my day down in Long Beach.  There I was hosting a networking lunch for about 40 business folks about half of which I know personally.  There were around 10 guests in attendance and all were walking around not knowing who to chat with.  Out of 40 people I actually counted how many people where not wearing a name tag.  Guess the number?  12! Can you believe this?  Me either!  Now wait, it gets even more silly, EVERYONE was made one by the registration table and had t have it on to get inside the event.  That means 12 people decided they were just too cool to wear one.  This is NEVER acceptable in my opinion.  I was standing there with a mic in hand running a meeting and literally could not remember all thier names so I had to use people who I could see the names in giant green print.  Those without names never got mentioned in any part of the meeting where I was talking (which was the whole meeting).  Please take it from me, not everyone will remember your name even if you see them on a regular basis.    These 12 people lost out on airtime and possible business just because they could not stand to keep the tag on.  Bad business people.
As a tip, write in BIG PRINT EASY TO READ and where the name tag on your left hand side.  Why the left side?  When you extend your hand out to give someone a good shake you will not cover it up.  Another idea is to always wear a name tag wherever you go.  I met my top producing team member because she was wearing a “Cristi the Credit Coach” name tag in a Starbucks and I thought she was a little goofy.  Little did I know how much wearing that tag changed her life.  Check out her site at to see what she does.
Bottom line.  Wear a printed name tag on your left hand side throughout the event and you will be in the upper echelon of professionals.  Shoot me any comments or ideas and I will include them in future posts.

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1 Comment

  1. Excellent advice. My only comment is to be even more impressive, double check all your grammar and spelling along with any typo’s on any advice posting. I know that’s rather petty, but it’s distracting to the reader and tends to reduce your credibility. e.g. – the final paragraph; Bottom Line: WEAR (not where) a printed name tag…..etc….
    Keep up the GREAT work tho… You are Terrific!

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