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My 3 Step plan for immediate followup.

Posted on August 25, 2008 in Marketing Strategies, Networking Tips | 1 comment

Since this blog is all about networking, I thought I would share exactly what I do everytime I meet someone.  OK, so you go out to an event like a chamber luncheon or even a street fair.  What do you do with the contacts you make?  Here are just a few things I do and to be quite honest I am writing this as I take a break from emailing all of the contacts I met at a Network Navigator class yesterday.  Please check out Anne’s class if you happen to be in Los Angeles.  It was AWESOME!  So here we go.


1. Email everyone within 24 hours of the event if possible.  This is just to say nice to meet you and lets get together to learn more about each other.  Here is my exact example.  Howdy Gina, It was so great to meet you yesterday at Carol’s house.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  Thank you for being a great audience while I was speaking on SendOutCards and how it can help you in your real estate business.  Lets get together soon and I would love to learn how we can become referral sources for each other.  Give someone an AWESOME day!!  Casey 


2.  A followup phone call the next day.  This is used as nothing more than to schedule an appointment for us to talk about a time to get together either on the phone or in person so i can learn more about what they do.  I will almost always come to the meeting with some kind of referral or lead for them to call.  It helps give me creditability as well as shows that I am on top of it.


3.  Send a greeting card.  I will be talking about this til I am blue in the face.  If you are doing it, great I assume you are on the top of your game.  If you are not, we need to talk!  This can be any type of card but not very many people do this.  This is for me the most important because it shows you actually care about them and are really interested in them.  The note can be a simple nice to meet you or maybe an invite to coffee.  This will start this new relationship off on the right foot…..I promise! 


If you met someone today, try these steps and let the networking begin!  I will see you at the top!  Casey

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1 Comment

  1. How do you keep your contacts lists? I try to be good with follow-up but I always have trouble finding a easy to use system for contacts. Maybe I am just too lazy.

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