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Hard Contact Networking Groups are a Must for Serious Business Builders!

Posted on August 1, 2008 in Networking Tips | 1 comment

Hard Contact Networking Groups are a Must for Serious Business Builders!
caseymisner 300x200 Hard Contact Networking Groups are a Must for Serious Business Builders!

Casey Eberhart and Dr. Ivan Misner Founder of BNI

Welcome to those of you who have never been here before.  My name is Casey Eberhart and I have created this blog to help you navigate this tricky world of networking.  Please feel free to comment on any article here.  We will only grow by our own networking.

There are several kinds of networking groups out there and I will be commenting on most of them in the coming weeks and months for your reading pleasure.  If you are going to build a serious business I HIGHLY recommend joining a “hard contact” group right from the git go.  A hard contact group is one where there is only one person per profession that is  allowed to join.  By allowing one Attorney, one Doctor, one Realtor it limits competition.  These groups become a sort of “family” of sales people for your business providing word of mouth advertising. 

Most of these groups meet once a week usually for breakfast and concentrate on passing referrals or in the case of “The Network for You!” introductions.  You will want to go and visit several groups before joining one because remember that this becomes a business family and you will be giving your fellow members business.  You want to find a group that you can trust the members. 

There are several networking companies out there and Business Networking International is the largest.  Dr. Ivan Misner is the founder and I believe there are over 4000 chapters world wide.  Some other examples are Le Tip, TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More), For You Network etc.  Please be advised that it is my experience that it is more about the group itself rather than the company.  Since this is my article I will say having been to 1000’s of networking meetings in my career, I have found hard contact groups to by far be the best for generating word of mouth business.  These groups are a referral gold mine IF you are willing to give the group business as well.  My advise is to join a hard contact group and then join a Chamber of Commerce to meet people to bring to the table in a hard contact group. 

There is a new group that just started in Los Angeles called The Network for You! which is in my opinion  the best group out there.  O.K. I admit I am one of the Co Founders but we have really put time into what will generate sales for our members.  If you are interested in visiting, we meet in Beverly Hills on Wednesday mornings.  You can reach me at 310.345.9019 if you are interested.  You will be hearing much more about NFY! in the future. 

Go Check out a few groups and join one!  Happy networking!!

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