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Are You Keeping Your Eyes Peeled For Prospects?

Posted on August 4, 2008 in Networking Tips | 1 comment

Are You Keeping Your Eyes Peeled For Prospects?
eyes peeled Are You Keeping Your Eyes Peeled For Prospects?

Keep your eyes peeled!

O.K. So here is a quick story that just happened tonight and I wanted to share it with all of you. It is really important that you develop the skill of always being on the lookout for a prospect or lead. For example, in my business a top producing Realtor is one of the best prospects there is. Our building happens to have a unit for sale and I am the President of the HOA (I do this so I meet all of the Realtors showing units). As I was walking back from my nightly dip in our pool, I noticed the door to the unit for sale was open and could hear talking. Naturally I poked my head inside to see what was going on. I met the agent and the potential buyers which was a lovely couple who we would be lucky to have in our building. I spoke very highly of the building (was selling for the agent and they LOVE that) and built rapport with the agent. By the end of the conversation she was so excited to sit down with me for coffee and get to know me because I really took an interest in helping her sell the unit to her clients. This would never have happened if I did not always keep my eyes peeled for prospects. I will be following up with her via email and a greeting card letting her know how nice it was to meet her. Remember to always keep your eyes peeled!

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1 Comment

  1. Thanks for the tip Casey! You are so right, how many times is there a prospect right in front of me and I missed it? I will be on the lookout now!!! Do you find it easy to approach others and just “jump into a conversation” or do you sometimes get that nervous feeling? If you don’t get it how do you learn to get rid of it? And if you do, how do you get passed it?

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